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George Jerjian

George Jerjian is a recognised best-selling author, Emmy award-winning producer, international speaker, business consultant and entrepreneur. He is on a mission to impact millions, and when you speak to him, your own life is transformed. George is a mindset mentor and thought-provoking guide, who helps retiring business persons to re-invent and rejuvenate themselves, so that they can increase their influence, impact and income dramatically.

As a speaker, he has travelled internationally to conduct workshops in countries such as the United States of America, as well as regularly delivering keynote speeches at home in the United Kingdom, on topics covering personal development and business mindset.

He consults relevant strategies to his clients who reside across the world; whom he works with to develop their mindset so that they can successfully turn their greatest crises into huge opportunities. With over 15 years experience and a way of communicating like no other, he received the Distinguished Toastmaster award in 2013.

As a writer, he has 10 books under his belt, with his most recent, ‘Spirit of Gratitude: Crises are Opportunities’, gaining international media recognition from radio channels including BBC Radio West Midlands & publications such as The Yorkshire Post & The Scotsman. Having graduated with a business degree from Bradford University in England (1973) and a master’s degree in Journalism from New York University (1993), he has worked as a Chartered Marketer for the past 40 years and as partner in a US commercial real estate venture for the last 30 years.

He now devotes his time to consulting, coaching, speaking and writing, with his focus on aiding individuals to tap into the opportunity that comes from their biggest obstacles in life.


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